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10/17/2019 1:53:03 AM

[PS4] Looking for some long term gameplay buddies of any experience level, new or veteran

So I don't wanna sound super friggin picky, but I'm at the last straw really when it comes to looking for people to play this game with. Alright I'm just gunna be upfront about this. I have only ever played this game casually because I haven't had anyone else to play with. So I've gone from beginning to endgame solo not doing any raids or anything that requires a fireteam. I do want to do those things since most of the fun from this game comes from that, but most of the time when I've tried looking for people to play with everyone is an elitist that says they will help teach you things and get you were you wanna go, but the first time you fail something they only explained once you get yelled at for not doing it. I know sometimes people get heated, I've even been sorry for messing things up. I would like a group of nice individuals who can handle someone who has 0 experience doing some of the core parts of gameplay this game offers. Heck even if your someone who's new to the game and don't mind having someone with basic knowledge and learning along the way I'm cool with that too. Additional notes: I just re-downloaded the game after... I believe 5 months of not playing and I don't have Shadowkeep either.

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