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Editado por Junified: 10/15/2019 4:31:22 PM

[PC] [LFG] Fireteam Seeking Raiding Clan

[b]About Us:[/b] Hello all, my friends and I are looking for a clan focused on raiding. We recently purchased Shadowkeep together and have been playing the past two weeks. We have plenty of experience raiding in general along with some Destiny raids. We have all raided together in FFXIV together and have known each other a while . You can expect us to show up and work with strategies that are given or are perfectly capable of making our own. We are a bit rusty and are hoping to find players to clear six man content with. I would additionally be willing and able to organize a team if it is necessary to clear content. [b]What We Play:[/b] Titan/Flex Hunter Warlock [b]Contact:[/b] Discord - Juni#4342 Steam - Junified Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have. If none of this sounds to your liking please up vote our post to help us find a home in Destiny. Happy Hunting, Junified

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