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Editado por MadladEvan: 10/14/2019 11:44:49 AM

Matchmaking Heroic Menagerie

Please Bungie, add matchmaking into heroic menagerie, if you have not already, it is impossible to now reap the rewards of it. Unless you have 5 good friends who don't mind doing it, which many of us lack, it is impossible. To those who say "Just use an LFG though.", You cant. Little to no people actually go onto LFG's looking for a group for heroic menagerie. It would be incredibly hard to find a single person to do it, let alone another 4. To those who say "But that would ruin triumphs such as doing it with 3 or less people"., there are easy solutions. For one, you could add an option to matchmake, and one not to, for example. Please keep in mind, I am not telling you how to do your job, I am only suggesting possible solutions. Please add matchmaking. There are so many good rewards that come from Heroic menagerie which so many of us cannot even attempt to reach due to lacking people to play with. [b][u]TL;DR : Add matchmaking, it benefits everyone.[/u] [/b] [b]Edit:[/b] There are many possible solutions to having a bunch of blueberry and/or new light players ruining menagerie, such as only allowing people with a fully upgraded chalice into matchmaking as to garuntee that people know what they are doing. There are so many solutions to the problems people are bringing up, just think about it.

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