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4/3/2019 4:10:43 AM

(RANT) The more I keep playing Gambit, the more I am convinced no one knows how to play it

Literally, who in his damn mind would go running with 15 motes to fight the HVT? Who in the god damn mind keeps hogging the Invasion portal just to get himself killed as the dunce with a hitmark on his head? Why in your god damn mind [b]ARE YOU NOT DUNKING YOUR DAMN MOTES?[/b] For real, do us a favor and stop playing this game mode[b] if you don't know jackshit about it[/b]. I just came back from grinding XP for the pinnacle wepaon of S6 (6 match spree) and I've ended with teams that know NOTHING about how to play this game mode. Hell, one guy was running as a Titan with clearly no idea when to dunk (spoilers: THE DRIFTER TELLS YOU TO DUNK. YOUR. MOTES!) or stands like a donkey without giving a flipping duck about helping clear adds or hogs the portal without letting team-mate to invade. And for those moronic, lazy enough to not check tutorials or guides, allow me to summarize you: 1) You get 5 - 10 motes 2) You dunk the motes 3) Help clear adds 4) Clear blockers 5) Help with invaders 6) Leave the portal to the ACTUAL person who can GET THE KILLS AS INVADER. 7) Rinse and repeat 8) See the Taken Wizards with the Primeval? Here's slowly: KILL. THE DAMN. WIZARDS. 9) You see the giant Primeval? SHOOT. THE. DAMN. PRIMEVAL! 10) Win the damn match Man, people are dumb. /end rant/

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