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Editado por Galey: 10/10/2019 9:04:59 PM

Can't access Shadowkeep Digital Deluxe season pass.

"We have issued a fix for players who accidentally purchased content on their inactive account before enabling Cross Save. We have made a one-time attribution to grant the appropriate content to their main account that should enable it for all platforms that are set up in Cross Save. This has affected less than 0.5% of players in Shadowkeep and we are also working to make the Cross Save process clearer to avoid issues in the future." So... how do we access this fix? Because I bought Shadowkeep (the digital deluxe version) on Steam then transferred my PS4 characters over via Cross Save. Now I can access everything but the season pass it claims I don't have. What do I do? Additional information: when I hover over the season name, it shows that in seasonal rank 2 and that I've purchased Season of the Undying and 3 redacted. Yet I still can't access season pass XP rewards and it keeps prompting me to get the pass. I'm really confused.

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