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10/11/2019 2:04:41 PM

Shader cache files when using AMD video cards are only 64kb. Any work-arounds?

I had some abnormally long times and ran across an old post on reddit about shader cache files for Destiny 2 being too small. It was suspected that the small shader cache files were causing longer than normal load times for Destiny 2 on PC. I cleared my shader cache files and let them rebuild and they are 64KB maybe this is the cause of increased load time for some players. Shader cache location on Windows 10 PC's running AMD gpu's. Keep in mind AppData is a hidden folder so you will need to manually navigate to that location or "Show hidden folders" to be able to see it. C:\Users\ [username] \AppData\Local\AMD\DxCache There will be many cache files with random strings for names so it's not exactly easy to figure out which ones are related to what game. In my case I removed them all and left the folder open on another monitor while launching and playing the game so I could see what files were made.

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