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Editado por Kanashimi510: 10/9/2019 10:46:45 PM

Blizzard Taiwan deletes Hearthstone Grandmasters winner's interview due to his support of Hong Kong protest. Revokes prize money, bans him from game, and fires both casters involved.

Given bungie's ties to the Chinese company NetEase, I am wondering where they stand on this topic. Bungie puts themselves out there as a company that believes "everyone's voice matters". Would they back that up in this case or would they side with blizzard? I would like to think that bungie wouldn't sink to blizzard's level of hypocrisy, where social issues are high priority...... up until it threatens to cost them a little communist cash. [u][b]Edit/UPDATE:[/b][/u] Apparently, some Blizzard employees have staged a walkout because of the company's actions. Nice. Hopefully, they don't get fired as well.

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