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10/4/2019 4:11:53 AM

Spoilers regarding Catacomb mission

As the title says. Spoilers ahead. Just completed the quest mission called symphony of death. Decided that since the Catacombs are normally off-limits I would spend some time looking around. Found a miniature statue like those outside of Oryx's chamber on the dreadnaught. Looked a little like Nokris head, so I just verified it. Nope. It's actually Oryx exact build just smaller. Forget the rivalries then. If they are rebuilding the Hive statues of just Oryx down here where Crota is being referenced a lot? Then Crota's minions are definitely looking for the same pathways of his father. It would also indicate that the Hive spell used to make these was done purposely to reinstall its symbolism with the Deep with the Navigator being the best bet. Just make yourself aware that Oryx will definitely not be brought back to the same place of power, but is probably going to be in Savathun's plans moving forward, if only to be used like a pawn.

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