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10/2/2019 8:17:54 PM

Season Pass missing because of Cross-Save bug !

Ok so I REALLY hope Bungie do something about it because it's really bothering me and I'm definitely not the only one in this case: I pre-ordered Shadowkeep's Deluxe Edition, I started the game Tuesday a few hours after the big opening and when it was starting to work, I was greeted by a new character creation screen, I was very surprised since I did the Cross-Save thing back in august / september when it became available, turns out it kinda "reset" and left me with the season pass activating on the brand new & useless steam account (characters), which is a big problem. There also was very little information about the season pass activating on the first account you start up on, at least compared to some other stuff that were way more obvious imo. So Bungie, for the love of god, PLEASE give me what I paid for, I ain't getting -blam!-ed over a Cross-Save bug and lack of comms.

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