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10/4/2019 11:38:19 PM

The Pinnacle Weapon changes

After scouring the net for specific information on the changes to our previous, precious "pinnacle weapons" I did some testing of my own in the Wolfship Turbine lost sector in the Tangled Shore. Breakneck and its perk Onslaught were tested first. My iniital testing was done outside the lost sector and I saw precision damage capping in rampage 1. I then moved to the lost sector to see if the results would be different and more consitent. Once inside the precision multiplier was consistent just shy of 150%. Also like in previous seasons, as Breakneck gained stacks of rampage the damage numbers would drop. The numbers: Body damage Precision damage base 414 619 rampage 1 410 613 rampage 2 401 599 rampage 3 385 576 The big difference now is going into rampage 2 I could not detect a change in the weapon's rpm. [b]It looks like a loss of dps after ramage 1![/b] My testing was done with a PS4 and I would need a pc to count frames to see if there is some sort of increase in rate of fire like Onslaught should work. Recluse and Master of Arms in pve is just like pvp now. You still get an nice increase to base damage after a kill and feeding frenzy seems to be untouched. I believe the goal was to have precision damage with Master of Arms active to be about double of base body damage. Body damage Precision damage Base 373 614 Precision 737 743 I used the fixed roll to test Redrix/Desperado. I feel like this one had the biggest change. When Desperado is active the weapon changes into a unique damage/firing archetype. I compared it against 4 other pulse rifles to see where the changes fall. Body damage Precision damage Redrix base 531 850 Desperado proc (???) 425 680 Legal action (340 rpm) 531 850 Eternal slumber (390) 480 769 Nightshade (450) 379 625 Time worn spire (540) 354 599 The precision multiplier is exactly 1.6 for Redrix no matter the rpm. The fastest 2 archetypes have a slightly higher multiplier. Desperado does 80% base damage once proc'ed. Again not having a pc I can't count frames to do an accurate count for the firing rate. Averaging the 390 and 450 archetypes' damage gets us to 429.5 per bullet which is close to the Desperado value. Those firing speed average equal 420 which might be close to the new firing rate. I'll check the other weapons a little later.

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