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10/4/2019 5:15:44 PM

Consistent Network Lag and "Connecting To Destiny 2 Servers"

Title really; while playing the game, there is consistent network lag to the point where the game isn't really playable. For example: Shooting fallen on the moon - they appear dead, then they reappear with half health (this was particularly noticeable within the intro mission to Shadowkeep) Another example, while playing in the Crucible I was probably a good 5 seconds behind my teammates- I would see them run to places then suddenly teleport elsewhere. I get consistent "Connecting to Destiny 2 Servers" messages, while other games and internet is not having issues. NAT type is Open as well. I am sure this is just early day server issues (I know for a fact that friends of mine are playing the game happy as larry with no real issues) but I'm posting this for posterity rather than assuming you can fix it right this second (though if you could fix it soon, that would be grand).

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