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10/4/2019 12:37:31 AM

Ultra's Power Guide to 900+ no story spoilers.

Okay here is some advice to level up your first and second characters without any spoilers. 1. Put everything you are not currently using in the vault you can sort it all out later and you don't want to be dismantling something in a rush to make room. 2. Go to EDZ and get a start on your soft cap! • I think you will really enjoy the difficulty levels on Luna if you start out around Light Level 800 so grab some pubs and good Ghost Shell and do some pubs for about an hour. 3. Keep the highest level piece in your inventory for every slot. • You don't have to wear it. • You might need to keep some variety for bounties etc. (Fun) 4. Go to The Moon! • Play normally through the Campaign • The new armor set only went up to 860 for me and you are allowed to get the lower parts back at your current level up to 860 later so don't worry about grinding before you acquire it. 5. AVOID THE TOWER • This is about power level we don't want to get more powerful rewards before we are 900 soft cap! 6. Return safely to EDZ. • Grab some more pubs Moon Person! • I went from 860 to 898 in an Hour after my story missions on Luna. 7. Tokens! • Turn in Tokens to get your low slots up to 900. ☆900+ 8. More Powerful Rewards! • Now it's safe to go talk to everyone and get your more powerful rewards! • Try to do your tier 1 stuff first then tier 2. No spoilers but don't talk to people offering yellow stuff til you finish everything else for max light. Enjoy!

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