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10/4/2019 2:11:38 PM

Synthoceps missing their glowing veins

Not sure what happened in the move to this season, but the veins of the Synthoceps have lost their glow with various shaders. I know I personally used Dawning Warmth most of the last year for a brilliant white glow, and I would also use Amethyst Veil for a nice purple. Many other shaders that used to convey a glow also seem to not be working. I've linked to two images with each of the shaders I like to use, and I did notice that there seems to be a remnant of the vein glow poking out, almost making me wonder if the graphic model of armor has somehow shifted to cover the veins and perhaps the veins are underneath? I'm not a graphical artist though so can't say for sure that is what is happening. Anyhow please bring back that glow. I want the last thing my opponents to see is my glowing bulging veins as I punch them in the face.

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