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10/3/2019 9:42:46 PM

Lifted game to greatness...while destroying newcomer experience

I love the energy of the devs and the direction this game is going in, seems like it has a great future ahead of it. With the game coming to steam, it's getting a massive influx of new and returning players, my friends list is full of people in Destiny. Only those new players will never get to play the game we did. The entire story, starting from scratch with nothing, leveling your way up, unlocking new sub-classes and abilities, learning each one with each step of the way and being excited about the progress you're making - gone. Just a "simulation" in the archives, everyone now immediately starts with everything thrown in their face at once and gets directly dropped into end-game content. All classes, all abilities, no explanation or backstory, no mission to train with your new powers and figure out how they work, most new players won't even know they HAVE other sub classes or how to change their abilities (and what they all do!). The game was streamlined to get people into the new content...but why was it necessary to throw away the entire newcomer experience for that? I have several friends who just started playing and all think it's kinda sad that they're just thrown into the middle of it all. Why not let new players still start at level 0 and work their way up? Give everyone a single booster they can use to boost 1 character to 750 if they want to to get going fast. You're not "saving anyone the trouble", you're just stealing the captivation that everyone felt the first time they played the game and telling them "that stuff's not important, here, play this end-game content instead, that's where it's at!" 750 is the new 0! I understand the direction for the veterans, the direction for the game in general and future content releases, but a lot of new people are joining in now, and I'm not sure why it was deemed necessary to rob them of the fun we all got to have when we first started, it's just kind of sad.

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