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Editado por ald_rom: 10/3/2019 9:36:28 PM

Option to Disable/Remove player and NPC icons

Bungie! First off, totally stoked about Shadowkeep. I look forward to spending some evenings with my fireteam exploring Luna and the evolution of the darkness story. One of the most noticeable UI/HUD updates that was presented with Shadowkeep is the introduction of the Class and NPC type icons above the characters. When I'm exploring the worlds, I tend to see a bunch of icons showing me where other players are located along with indicating what class that player is running. That's ok...but I find it very distracting when there are multiple moving targets and players running around. Is there a way to disable the icons? I have searched the Options menu and can make the HUD transparent, but I just want to remove the Icons. How do you guys feel about the inclusion of Icons over Guardians/NPCs?

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