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10/2/2019 2:46:45 AM

3v3 elimination heavy ammo

I wanted to start a discussion about how the community feels about power ammo being a constant factor in elimination. On one hand, it forces a more exciting and fast paced game. Players aren't allowed to sit back for the whole round waiting for their super or the capture point which is a good thing. But also, heavy ammo is not a very enjoyable mechanic in a competitive game mode and I don't think most of the community enjoys it. I personally don't like having to constantly worry about protecting heavy ammo at the beginning of the round and would much prefer to work with just my guns, abilities, and super. Another concern of mine is how significantly heavy ammo can snowball a round. If a team is pushed off of the heavy ammo at the beginning of the round, they are going to lose, assuming the player who gets the ammo is competant. I expect people to start using wardcliff exclusively like in high comp because of how hard to dodge it is and how easily it shuts down supers. Imo heavy ammo isn't very fun to play against nor with, and I wish it would stay out of "competitive" game modes completely except maybe for a single round. I'm interested to hear what the rest of the community thinks about heavy ammo in 3v3 elimination. This post is mainly about the new elimination Playlist, but if there are any strong opinions about the survival Playlist, I think that would be a valuable conversation. I think I have a little credibility as far as how the competitive community feels about heavy ammo. I played destiny 1 for all 3 years doing trials carries and racked up over 4,000 hours in game. I really didn't enjoy competitive in d2 and I just hit legend once for my not forgotten.

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