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10/2/2019 6:17:00 PM

Please don't ignore! Game keeps freezing on any activity

Hello Bungie Platform: Xbox One X Error: game keeps crashing upon seconds of starting any activity. First, image freezes and seconds later audio is gone too, and I'm not able to do anything but force quit the game to the Xbox home at that point. Things I did on launch: Bought the Shadowkeep dlc and then I linked my email to in order to obtain the powerful engram reward linked to it. After that, I joined a clan just before doing any activity in game. First thing I did after that was go to the tower and after few seconds, the game crashed. Things I tried: Restarting the console and deleting the cache. Moving the game and all DLC's from external to internal storage. Deleting everything (game and DLC's) and reinstalling again. I have already tested my Xbox One X with other games for several minutes just to make sure it wasn't a console problem. Games I tried were Nier Automata, Witcher 3 and Gears 5, so I know it's not a console issue. Please Bungie, help me with this, as I have tried everything I could possibly do and I want to start playing Shadow keep! Thanks in advance Regards
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