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10/2/2019 3:49:52 PM

Help w/ Strict NAT on PC (maybe I've missed something?)

Hello! I was wondering if anyone could offer a second look or opinion as to why I seem to be stuck on Strict NAT type. I'm playing on PC (Windows 10), on my home network connected via Powerline (TP-Link adapter). I'm on Fiber with an ISP called Hiper, with a Zyxel router (VMG3925-B10B). Located in Denmark. I've tried all of the following, separately, and all together. -UPnP Enabled -Port Forwarding (I attached a link to a screenshot of the ports I've forwarded [url][/url]) -Completely disabled Router Firewall -Completely disabled Windows Firewall I also have settings in my router for ALG, but I'm not sure if that would apply here. As far as I know that's mostly for VoIP stuff, but I have tried disabling "IPSEC ALG", "SIP ALG", and "RTSP ALG". With all of the above, I still see a Strict Nat type when I log into Destiny via Steam. Does anyone have any recommendations or other settings I could consider or look into? I'm on the struggle-bus with this one, and have run out of ideas or settings to try. Thanks!

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