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Editado por SirChronoFrost: 10/2/2019 10:05:35 AM

I was deceived by Bungie's false cross-save explanation.

The 90-day lockout seems too long. Rebuilding a new character from the scratch is not really a practical solution. There's no point reverting the new data after playing for 90 days since the old data contains many items from time exclusive events. It is not an easy task to obtain them all once again. In Bungie's explanation, a phrase "キャラクターを選択" is being used. However, the data we are actually choosing is a platform data, not specific character data. Apparently, many other users also misunderstand the intention in the same way. We strongly suggest that Bungie will consider an exceptional case so that those who have accidentally enabled Cross Save with undesired save data can fix the situation without waiting for another 90 days.

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