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9/29/2019 7:32:29 PM

why are warlocks (yet again) being left behind

Is it a problem that I’ve been running transverse steps since I got them? Yes. They are currently the only exotic worth even remotely using in pvp currently and in Shadowkeep it’s only gonna get worse I’m afraid. The lunafaction boots are being changed to give reload speed instead of the instant ammo which will pretty much limit the amount of decent exotics going into Shadowkeep. can anyone genuinely tell me a warlock exotic that’s even worth using besides transverse? Cause warlock melee exotics have been bad cause our melee hasn’t been working properly since launch of d2 and all the other effects on our exotics are lackluster at best. This needs to change. the only good thing we had was nova warp and we know what happened to that, granted everything is more balanced as a whole for warlocks i still think give how bottom tree striker is wasn't necessary at all.

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