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9/29/2019 6:55:36 PM

Recluse has Killed CQC Primary Variety in PvP:

And frankly I'm a little worried that I haven't seen anything about a PvP nerf for it in the TWABs we've been getting. Why would I [i]ever[/i] use a Sidearm or an SMG that isn't Recluse? Why would I ever, say, equip the MIDA Multi/Mini combo when I can just swap out the Mini for Recluse, which has >Kill Clip damage on demand when I get a kill with any weapon (including itself), and can melt people in 0.5 seconds without me having to hit even a single headshot? Why would I use the new Gambit Ritual SMG when Recluse is in the game? New DLC guns getting power crept before the DLC is even out.

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