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Editado por Kahrna: 9/27/2019 8:12:06 AM

The TWAB We Wanted

Exotic weapons are armour buffs instead of blanket nerfs to literally every legendary (no one asked for this...) Proper weapon tuning from ACTUAL feedback Keeping the prestige of pinnacle weapons by having 3 new awesome weapons to grind for. Here’s a proper and detailed list of supers buffs and nerfs.. (bottom tree striker needs to die) PvP matchmaking changes reverted to only having SBMM in comp. (SBMM is laggy and doesn’t preform at higher skill ceilings) Now that that’s out of the way I hope Bungie knows this recent TWAB just stabbed a lot of hard core support in the back. No one asked to have a tasteless pve experience. All I was hoping for was seeing exotic armour buffs across the bored with a few nerfs here and their. Along with exotic weapon buffs. Right now “YES BUNGIE” exotics are too weak BUT painting over every legendary weapon is the easy way out.... now the community will see the devs as lazy. We’re suppose to feel powerful, don’t you think you’ve already toned us back enough!? I wish you the best of luck Bungie, I will still play destiny purely due to the fact that I’m a PvP player and these kill clip/rampage changes aren’t coming to pvp. Honestly though, do you even properly play test your products to make sure it isn’t gutting us?? I know we haven’t gotten our hands on it yet but I can tell those numbers don’t look good....

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