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9/20/2019 5:09:19 PM

On the Topic of Dismantling

I own a Google Pixel XL. A little dated as this thing came out almost three years ago. One of the nicest features it has is the "would you like to block these notifications" option for things that I typically just swipe away. Both me and my 750 Titan are big fans of blissful ignorance. At this point, I'm quite okay with my legendary-quality items, and 100% of the time just view rare items as something to be dismantled. Now, a two second-long countdown to break a bit of gear into Glimmer bits isn't much, but it does add up. I find myself just zoning out at the postmaster, wasting time just holding "X". Why? The option to automatically dismantle things I know I don't want isn't some inconceivable daydream. I think most of us Guardians would agree that a little checkbox that enables some sort of filter for rare and below would be nothing short of ideal. Or, at the very least, a "dismantle all" for the postmaster.

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