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9/20/2019 1:20:25 PM

The Jotunn Glitch

As some of you may know, the exotic fusion rifle Jotunn is extremely broken. For those unaware, since January, if you damaged yourself with a Jotunn shot when you shoot a boss, it does exponentially more damage. Using Greg in the Titan lost sector, we have found that it does 30,000 dps which is higher than anything in the game. This allows someone to solo Riven ON ANY CLASS. This is a serious problem and, with the release of Garden of Salvation on the fifth, this will provide a huge cheese and advantage for pc players since the charge time of Jotunn is directly tied to frame rate. Bungie, please fix this ASAP. It will destroy the worlds first race that many (including me for the first time) are heavily anticipating. Please at least disable or remove it as part of contest mode. Pretty please Bungie, this will break Destiny 2.

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