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9/17/2019 2:42:01 AM

Tribute hall bug = unable to claim mmxix title

Hi! I posted that problem (and other players too) in august (link here: ) and i still can’t access the tribute hall and today was the last day to claim the title... i know you guys are working on a fix but do we have an estimate or a sort of compensation (like more time allowed for us to finish the title once its fixed) for not being able to access a piece of content we paid for + missing out on a title even though its out of our reach to fix it? i really wanted that title on my ps4 characters but i can’t as its still bugged and and its been more than a month. is there any updates/news, etc or more time allowed for us to do it once its patched? idk its not really fun not being able to access my paid content and not getting that title that i could’ve gotten :/ Thanks and hope for a reply/fix soon! Other than that, i can’t wait for Shadowkeep!

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