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9/12/2019 9:42:32 PM

Warlock Abilities and Gear

Warlocks have been abused in the destiny 2 community to a point they no longer can effectively fight in the crucible. I would like to see a change to this trend by enabling the warlock abilities to come back from the destiny 1 days with enhancements instead of nerfs that are completely unnecessary. The warlock self-revive ability should be brought back with vengeance in mind where we can self-revive with a temporary bubble that allows enemy fire to reflect bullets back at the source of the shots. We should also be able to blind our enemies that step into our self-revive bubble if we have the exotics warlock armor chest equipped. The Luna faction boots should not receive a nerf but an option to switch between allowing auto reloading from reserves or to allow faster reloading manually. The warlock should also receive there one hit sticky grenades back to fight against the one hit shoulder charge from Titans and the one hit melee from hunters. I would like to see these changes in the immediate future of shadow keep to allow warlocks to once again shine in glory and in battle.

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