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9/11/2019 1:07:08 AM

I am a Mountaintop Potato

I'm totally humored by how in order to complete this quest, I'm pretty much playing like an absolute potato. Running around swinging a tube launcher which has more shot rng than a fusion rifle. I sprint like a madman to the heavy in an attempt to feed my colony. I usually bring up the bottom of the leader board. I leave matches when there's too much competition for the heavy. Why? Because I don't care about winning. I care about the quest step. I'm part of some problem more than likely. I'm humored because this quest does not encourage team play. It's p-v-p-v-my team. I've been shoulder charged off the little heavy island in the citadel by a teammate who had also been trying to get the heavy. At first I was angry. Then couldn't help but laugh because only in Destiny does it seem like this would happen. I applaud and respect those who took the time to grind the quest before it got nerfed. I would have pulled out my hair. Instead I'm on my third day and just about halfway done with everything. On the bright side, I am at least having some fun. I've gotten a little better at using tube launchers. I've seen some crazy things happen because I've played so recklessly. I'm not proud of my playing, and I've been a pretty poor teammate. The Bungie made me do it.

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