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9/7/2019 1:18:09 PM

Missing Imperial Scoundrel

So I've been grinding to get the 45 placed tributes for the Bad Juju catalyst. Last night I finished the 100,000 Nightfall in Calus themed gear and the Imperial Scoundrel, wearing Calus themed gear in Gambit. When I arrive to my Tribute Hall. I had a white icon showing me where to post Zavala. But I had no white icon to show me where to place the Gold Jade Coin. I've taken screenshots and shared them on my Xbox account. One shows me earning the tribute. The other shows the empty space where I believe the Gold Jade Coin should go. I did that because for some reason, it won't let me load the images above. Sorry if I wasn't savvy enough to figure that out. I was just wondering if there is something else I can do? I've tried resetting the game. Playing another game of gambit in full Calus gear Changing Characters Asking clanmates. Turning the game off and waiting until the next morning. I figured I'd check again after the daily reset to see if that helps but other than that I don't know what else to do. Not sure what else I could try other than sending a message to Bungie. If there's any advice, please share. Thanks for your time. -Irishmick29

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