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9/6/2019 2:37:59 AM

"Don't forget, we have the Find Fireteam feature on and the Destiny Companion App if you're in need of some team mates. "

For the Love of Cayde-6 guys... An External Application is NOT a valid route for an LFG/Clan/Striketeam system. You NEED TO INTEGRATE LFG INTO THE GAME. That's why Most of your playerbase left within the first 6 months. There was no point to D2 when they could not reliably set up a strike team with strangers without having to involve their PHONES or get onto a WEBSITE outside of the game to do so. What the Ever Loving Glitch is going on over there? P-r-i-o-r-i-t-i-e-s. Making access to end game content REASONABLE based on existing expectations from Every Other MMO Ever. PLEASE.

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