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8/24/2019 7:04:52 AM

Random Frame Drops & 100% GPU Usage

I came back after an extended break from destiny 2 to find that randomly my frames will drop from 60+ to less than 20, this is after being able to run destiny at medium to high at a consistent 60 fps. Whilst i was trying to find the issue I also found that in task manager when I am running destiny my gpu usage is at 100%. My specs are: AMD FX 8350 16GB Corsair Ram Nvidia GTX 970 In trying to fix my frame drops I have found that when the issue occurs, according to task manager my CPU and GPU usage drop from whatever they were previously at to less than 20% each, when this stops the frames return.I'm not sure if this is any use. I have tried a few things to fix this: ipconfig/flushdns ipconfig/release ipconfig/renew 3 Fresh installs of windows 2 Fresh installs of destiny 2, both on an SSD and a HDD Changing my settings to low from medium, turning on Vsync and capping my frames at 60, my monitors refresh rate. I have tried going through each setting individually and changing them, none of this has worked. Is there anything else I can do to try and fix this? The game is unplayable as I cant be consistent for my team. Is there any more information that you need to help fix this issue?

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