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9/1/2019 5:22:59 PM

Guys...we gotta talk bout this, or we have already lost.

If we take a stand, here and now we can avoid destiny 2 from becoming a pay 2 win mess. We did it as a gaming community with battlefront 2. We can do it again with destiny 2. The season pass bungie is introducing is not only predatory, it's also pay 2 win. 1st example being that the season passes are temporary until a certain amount of time they become available for purchase. Putting pressure on you as a consumer to obtain these items in the pass. 2nd example is having exotic engrams as part of the paid portion of the season pass. More than likely this exotic engrams will be a shadowkeep exotic and quite powerful on release. Meaning if you dont pay for the season pass you are loosing out on power. 3rd example is the most disgusting of them all....being able to buy progression levels on the season pass. Now yes bungie has stated that you will have to wait several weeks before you are able to buy these easy level skips. But at what point do we say it's not okay? At what point does it become pay 2 win? Buying levels the last week of the pass? The last 3 weeks of the pass? Halfway into the pass? How long will it be until they allow you to unlock everything outright! When we buy a dlc like forsaken or the season pass we weren't handed power on a silver platter. We still had to grind for that jottun, that 1000 voices, that mountain top, that lunas howl, that last word. We EARNED it. Bungie is walking a very fine line here, teetering the gray area of pay 2 win, sitting on the fence, and this is a very dangerous slippery slope my friends. Please dont let this mobile game style of gameplay become the new norm. Of we dont fight back now we have already lost and it will only get worse.

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