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Editado por jawj50: 9/1/2019 4:21:25 AM

Had a thought about a new weapon type that could be a "special" bow

Was looking at my forest ranger ornament on my hunter trying to dresstiny a bow using pathfinder hunter when I noticed the arrows in the quiver are more bolts for a crossbow then arrows for a bow. This got me thinking about where crossbows would fall if they were to be a weapon in the destiny universe. Below are the thoughts I had. Feel free to expand on it as I personally think it could be a cool addition. 1) Would need a longer load time then the combined load and draw time of the slowest bow (think more tube grenade launcher reload times) 2) Would need damage to match this load time 3) Given bows are a two shot more damage would probably mean it would need to be special and able to one shot 4) What would be the effective range? a) Crossbows typically have more weight to them then bows since they don't need to be held and can be armed from a position with more leverage (though our guardians probably can one arm it even at higher weights given the power of the light) b) Given the weight I think crossbows would fire around pulse ranges without damage fall off. This also allows you to hold cover for reloads and allows snipers to beat them at range (as they should) c) Given this range I think short-medium zoom scopes and iron/holo sights like what are found on primaries should be used 5) What should be the TTK values? a) I think at most ranges the crossbow precision ttk would be one shot. (from shotgun to pulse range) b) Given the range coupled with iron or holo low zoom sights I think body should be equal to combat bow (precision frame) TTK. This would make it a very high skill weapon that would punish inaccuracy and still give shotguns and other specials an advantage at their optimal range given the longer load time 6) What could exotics offer? a) A clip fed full auto like the one shown in this video ( ) {damage would need adjusted and probably made as a primary} b) Something that consumes ammo but turns it to an X-Bow that can one shot body. (think izanagi and lord of wolves)

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