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8/29/2019 10:50:55 PM

Veteran Emblems: No way for PC players who transferred from Console in Y1 to obtain?

Hi, So, originally, I'm a D1Y1 player from Ps4. I should have all the Veteran Emblems for Moments of Triumphs, beating Oryx, stuff like that. When Destiny 2 came out I bought it and ever subsequent expansion on PC, never went back to PS4. I was disappointed that I wouldn't get the Veteran emblems or the veteran dialogue that you get for being a D1 player on the same platform, but it wasn't that big of a deal. Now cross save is a thing and Ps4 players are able to transfer their characters and data to PC no problem. I thought that by linking my account with my PS4 account, the emblems would pop up. Turns out I need to make a PS4 account and then transfer those characters over to PC to get them. So TECHNICALLY I could get First Light on PS4 when it comes out, and then transfer that character or characters to my PC account. BUT it would mean losing my 3 750 characters with about 500 hours a piece on each, all the Solstice Armor, all my pinnacle weapons and god rolls, etc. Is there no way for PC players who made the switch from console at the start of D2 to get their veteran emblems by simply linking their accounts? Much Appreciated.

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