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Editado por EXDragonSlayerEX: 8/25/2019 7:42:13 PM

Would LOVE Weapons 2.0

Give us an option to upgrade more than a few aspects of our guns..! Just like with armor 2.0; Give us 10 Masterwork points. If I wanna put 5 on Range & 5 on Stability, I should be able to do that. Or if I wanna go all in on 10 for Range, I should be given that choice. Provide an additional [u]Mod Slot[/u] & make old perks into new mods, like [u]dynamic sway reduction[/u], or something like [u]air assault[/u], To go combo with the [u]Icarus grip[/u] mod. Overall, I hope that the dev team will work on something like this to further our customization..! :-)

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