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8/24/2019 6:58:59 PM

HUGE PROBLEM! Please read.

Hey all, so I have a huge problem. About a year ago I purchased Destiny 2 standard Edition. A few weeks later, I bought the forsaken dlc which contained all previous dlc as well. After a few more months of playing, I had to uninstall the game to update my ps4. I then went to my library to download it again. Only to see, that I had to buy EVERYTHING AGAIN! The reason being was because the removed the base game COMPLETELY from the psn store. So the only edition there was, was the Forsaken bundle. Which includes all dlc and destiny 2. My ps4 still has all the dlc installed, but I can't download the game because they removed it and added a new edition. This really made me feel bad, because I just spent £85 pounds that I had to save up, and now it's asking me to buy it all again. I should not have to do that. So some time has passed and I want to start playing it again, shadow keep is coming soon as well, I want to prepare. I still have all details and proof of the transaction history of me buying the game and dlc seperate, if anybody knows how I can deal with this, please help. Cause this isn't fair, thank you.

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