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8/23/2019 2:15:05 PM

[PC/EU] This Ain't a Democracy!

So, you are looking for a new place to call home? Depending on what you are looking for you might have found it. If you are looking for a clan full of hardcore Raiders and PvP grunts, that spend all their time in search of their next jolt of that peculiar Destiny adrenaline? Well, how to put it, that's not us… If, however, you want to join a group of long-time players that spend their time online being merry, and understand that this is just a game, we might just be the right place for you. Tell me more? Our focus is on the PvE endgame. We've cleared all the Raids in game for triumphs, those elusive Raid specific exotics and other goodies, like emotes (or that bloody scooter from the Scourge of the Past that everyone but the humble writer of this post has. And no, I am not sorry for rambling here. Anyway, back to the topic...) If there are new quests for exotic weapons or the like, you can be sure we will be on it as soon as the reset hits the servers. In between, we grind out pinnacle weapons in all activities and spank other guardians in the Crucible. Helping your fellow clan members is a given, however, as we all want to have fun playing the game, said help is not always available the moment you want it. Just talk with people to see who is available. Unless you want help with Gambit. In that case you will need to bribe people. (Hint: We are all highly susceptible to spirits.) Which brings me to the next point, communication. We use Discord and we expect you to be active there. Writing nonsense, having fun on voice and from time to time even serious talks. Based on experience, I must emphasize that point. All our communication takes place on Discord. Even if you are not playing the game, be active on Discord and engage in our shenanigans. Let’s sum it up: - on European Servers (apparently the EU in the topic is confusing for some folks overseas) - on PC (again, the topic seems to be misleading for some people) - PvE endgame aka Raids - Crucible - Sod off, Gambit - Be helpful and get help in return - Discord - In case you missed it, Discord (we mean it!) - Have fun What do we want from you? - Have the current DLC/season content - Level 50/Light level 665+ (we might make exceptions for those who demonstrate great community spirit) - A desire to Raid. Experience in Raids is a bonus, but not needed - Be active on Discord, chat and voice - The understanding that this is a game and not everyone is online all the time. Your life away from the comp always takes precedence over the game So, you've managed to get to the end of all this rambling and you still think we might be the place you want to spend your precious free time? Great! Join us on Discord, contact one of the admins and we will continue from there.

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