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8/22/2019 2:58:18 AM

90 day cool down for linking the wrong xbox account

When activating cross save i typed in the wrong email and ended up linking the wrong Xbox live account account. I went back to restart the process several times but couldn't see a way to unlink the account and link another, only an authenticate button. So i finalized the process linking my PS4 and the wrong Xbox accounts. Then deactivated cross save to link the correct Xbox account with my PS4 and now its telling me there is a 90 day cool down. I understand this is here to discourage shady practices but there has to be a workaround for this in the early days here where we are all figuring out how this works. I was planning on repurchasing all D2 content on Xbox to play with with my Xbox and PS4 friends at shadowkeeps launch and now it appears im out of luck for the next 3 months??? Again, I understand i made a mistake here in setting this up incorrectly but i've been looking forward to crosssave for so long there has got to be some sort of work around here... any help please?

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