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Editado por m01100001x: 8/21/2019 11:31:11 PM

Can't Authenticate Accounts for Cross Save

So, when entering the cross save authentication window, I go to authenticate my Steam and Blizzard accounts. My PSN account is already authenticated. However, when I attempt to sign in to Steam and sign in, nothing changes; it does not change to AUTHENTICATED. Then when I try to sign in with blizzard, I get an Authentication Error page ([url][/url]). What is the problem? *update* When I use other browsers other than my default browser, I don't get an error but nothing ever changes to be AUTHENTICATED. *upupdate* Attempted to sign out and sign back in. Did not work. Signed in with a different account than I usually use, which caused that account (Steam, Blizzard, or PSN) to be authenticated but every other account either gave the error code for the Blizzard account the first time I tried to activate cross save or just does not change to AUTHENTICATED. Since it was an error code, ErrorInvalidParameters, I tried changing passwords of the accounts to see if that was the "parameter" not working. This did not help. The ErrorInvalidParameters error code only occurs when attempting to sign in to my PSN or Blizzard account on my default browser.

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