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7/17/2019 8:10:48 PM


[b]Have you ever wanted to do a raid but couldn't because the requirements on LFG were have gjallarhorn, must have done raid at least 50000 times and graduated from law school with a 15.0 GPA? well, look no further Guardian! We are Wreck n' Crew a hardcore end-game activity clan thats looking to expand! [/b] [b]A FEW THINGS ABOUT US: [/b] We do end game activities weekly/daily. Flawless raid are the best raids We sherpa and can teach you the mechanics of any raid easily (must be able to execute raids properly, we can only carry so much) We do lots of silly stuff, like random load out rumble matches (or all rat kings in quickplay) We get sweaty in PvP and gambit (we don't carry but can tell you how to get better) We are a smaller clan (clan rank maxed every season), looking to expand with other like minded individuals Raids happen every week (including saucy day one raids when they come out) We may seem silly but take our gaming seriously [i][b]We always have people on and willing to do something, we aren't one of those small clans that say we are always on. We always have people doing something in-game. [/b][/i] [b]RULES: [/b] Must be 18+ (or at least act your age) Must be active (we understand IRL stuff, but at least hop on 4-5 times a week) You have to join our discord and have a mic Must join discord chat and say hi when you see any admins or Wreck in the channel Must have a light level of 700 MINIMUM on at least one character Don't be toxic (unless your name is salt master supreme) [i]Must understand we have stepped into a war with the cabal[/i] [b]Send any inquires to Wreck#11815, he can send you the discord link and directions.[/b]

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