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8/20/2019 11:21:21 PM

buggy as hell

i have several items to "purchase" in bungie rewards including FREE soundtrack and others. I cannot access any because the items continually refresh if i delete them and the order price for the reward T-shirt is over $7 hundred thousand dollars. Bungie store is buggy as hell and degrades the entire destiny universe. This does not mean other activities and items in the Destiny 2 universe are also not plagued by bugs and anomalies and poor Bungie quality control. i can list numerous anomalies but it seems to me Bungie are more concerned about revenue stream than producing a quality product. I cannot transfer to Steam because i do not know what is "STEAM" whatever that means, and how to undertake the so-called transfer is also non-transparent non-intuitive and bugged. What say you bungie ? When will you step up and fix bugs and offer real world workable advice ?

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