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Editado por Valriot: 8/19/2019 5:39:06 AM

Please add more control setting and look options to console.

This is specifically for console, but the options for controller players are pretty bad. I'm grateful for bumper jump, but I still want custom layouts for my buttons. But the bigger issue is aim. There's not even a seperate sensitivity for aim, only look, and even then the look sensitivity imo doesn't go high enough. Regardless, people like different sensitivities for sprinting and hipfire vs ADS, especially on controller where aiming can get a bit unwieldy. Beyond that there's actually a ton of options not available ● Vertical AND Horizontal sensitivity ● Aim Assist strength (know many people would prefer it to actually be REDUCED) ● Aim smoothing ● Aim momentum ● Dead Zones Its honestly...Really really basic what Destiny has, and it makes it's kind of stiff and uncomfortable. People get used it, but it's still not the way it really should be. No reason to be held back by "making things too complicated", give us the keys to the castle so to speak, let us tune our options more. Edit: For specific reference look at something like Overwatch. Even though that game isn't my thing at all now, the control options are incredibly flexible and I really enjoyed tuning them to be just right.

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