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8/18/2019 10:19:13 PM

Ways the mountaintop quest can be made better without ruining the quest.

I just started doing the Mountaintop quest not to long ago and I'm doing a triple grande launcher strategy. What I've realized that the quest itself isn't hard, just time consuming. The following ideas came to me being the best ways to fix the quest to still have time commitment and keeping it as a challenge. 1) I believe that if the quest was changed to have a set amount of points (say 3,000) that you can get any of the 3 objectives now to get progress. Then keeping the comp is worth more points than quick. So if kills were worth 1 point in quick, but 2 in comp. Then doubles be 2 in quick, then 4 in comp. It would make is possible to get all points from kills, but if Bungie could tune the points to keep it around the same time commitment. 2) From my experience, calculated trajectory medals are much easier to get than double kills. So rather than making the double kills required less, why not just extend the time needed between each kill. Right now the time feels like 2 seconds. If you extend this time it would help, but not completely ruining the current quest. 3) Make assist count as kills. With grande launchers, from my experience, they can do anywhere from 100-167 damage consistently. That's perfect for people to come in and one shot someone and steal everything and basically making you waste one of the few shots you have with primary and special grande launchers. Assist as been used to make progress before in other quest. Why not now? It would solve many complaints without needing to change the current quest at all.

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