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Is it really not possible to get a refund for Silver?

I was planning on buying a €50 silver pack and a €5 silver pack, totaling 6500 silver. When I went to purchase these two packs I first went to the €50 one and I added it my cart, then I went to the €5 one and did the same, but I saw that in my cart there was no €50 one, so I thought it mustn't have registered and so I went back to the €50 one again, but this time I didn't see the €5 one so I just thought that maybe one pack overrides the other so I have to buy them one by one and I just pressed buy on the €50 one. I get sent back to the game and I see it. 12500 Silver So is there really nothing I can do now besides just living with it? I haven't spent any yet. I realize this is my mistake alone but better ask than not, I think.
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