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Editado por teka32oh: 8/17/2019 6:43:23 PM

Looking for active, new or casual players to join FAR [ps4]

Hey guys. Im looking for people who are new or been on the game for a while that don’t really have enough time to play due to real life event. I’m currently in college so yes i do understand sometimes we don’t have time to get on and grind as much as we want but that hasn’t stopped me from leveling up or getting the solstice armor for my warlock. We like to help each other as much as possible. So if you are new and need a buddy or if your a casual and need help getting a certain weapon someone here can help you. Most likely someone will already have the weapon or need it so it’s two birds with one stone. If this sounds like what your looking for message me and I’ll send you the link.

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