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8/16/2019 8:00:38 PM

Ømen Clan - Need to Join An Active Clan Before Shadowkeep? DISCORD | ACTIVE

Ømen focuses on keeping an Active Community! Socially & In-Game. Using Discord as a Social Hub for the entire clan, you can feel free to chat and goof around with other clan mates. We're a mixed bunch of players, and any experienced players are welcome. If you actually want to communicate with your clan, and get to know the members, and be social. Inbox me. We keep the clan active by cleaning out inactive members over time. You are considered inactive if you do not reach Level 5 in the Discord XP Levelling System within a week or so. (Since it really doesn't take much talking to get there, and yes you are required to join the discord.)
#clan #Clans #PvP #pve

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