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8/15/2019 7:52:06 PM

Looking for a few people who want to be a part of a tight knit clan. | PS4 | Doin' it live

Hey, i'll be straight with you. We aren't a large clan. We all have lives and sometimes nobody is on sometimes everyone is on. We started off in D1. A group of about 8 of us. To this day the clan is a solid size of 27 people and the 8 of us still play together. The reason for this post is we are really looking for a couple people (1-4) that want to find a group of people to become that close to and just do stuff together, but for the most part are keen on just being a group of friends while accomplishing everything in destiny. If you are just looking for a clan to do activities and then peace out it's probably not for you. Some of us are really good at raids, some are really good at crucible, some at both. We are all 18+. Most of us are in the US with some doing things overseas. The clan name is "Doin' it live". The name comes from when we would do activities together and nobody was ever ready so someone would just yell "well looks like we are doing it live". Feel free to look us up and see what we are bad at. If what you see is something that interests you and are ready to find a clan to stay in. Just comment below. Peace
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