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8/13/2019 12:28:43 AM

Prevail (PC, Invite Only)

We'll Prevail, probably. Prevail has two ways to be considered for acceptance, [b]PVE or PVP.[/b] We are made up of 40 dedicated players from America, Europe, Australia, Georgia (keks), etc. [u][b]Prevail PVE:[/b][/u] [quote]Number of clears = 69 - 420ish A majority in the top 75 cumulative speedrun leaderboards 3 Man Full Last Wish, 2 Man Full Scourge, 2 Man Full Crown, etc Extremely competitive Day 1 Raid teams We have Dagger[/quote] [u][b]Prevail PVP:[/b][/u] [quote]Average Overall Competitive EFF of 2.1 Top 500 Competitive badges, weekly scrims/sweats/pickups Tournament Play Majority reach 5500 every season with no exploiting or cheating Shotgun utilization is at an all time high Lost to Panduh ya feel me[/quote] [u][b]Requirements:[/b][/u] [quote]English Speaking Destiny 2 on PC Annual Pass owned Our clan member Uchira must give you his blessing[/quote] We’re a bunch of guys that love Destiny, play at a high skill level, and just want to game with the boys. After joining the [url=]Discord [/url]we’ll play a couple rounds and see how you mesh. If you fit in well and meet the similar skill level, we vote as a clan.
#Clans #hardcore

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