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8/14/2019 6:36:28 PM

Weapons of Light on Ward of Dawn

Mixed feelings. I am SO excited to see that Bubble is getting some good loving. At the same time, I feel like this creates an issue. Weapons of Light was already brought back as a perk for the Banner Shield on Code of the Commander. Two different subclass trees with different supers. But the problem is that I can not help but feel that the value of Code of the Commander just became even smaller. Along with Helm of Saint-14, Ward of Dawn now has the capability to have Armor of Light, Weapons of Light, and Blessings of Light all active at the same time. Each of those perks had to be chosen separately in Destiny 1. And even back then Bubble felt like a necessity. Will it now? Dunno. But I do at least feel like it could quickly become that way, and that the other subclass trees for Titans just became much less valuable, especially Code of the Commander. Hopefully that tree will see some love and gain value as well. Obviously we haven’t seen everything. Just some early-on thoughts.

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