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8/13/2019 5:38:34 AM

[PS4] Possible Crucible connection issues?

I played 8 or 9 quickplay matches tonight. Everything was smooth, as it always was, until I had two matches (my final two) where my shots and arcstrider attacks seemed to do no damage, or very very delayed damage, to opposing guardians. It wasn't isolated to one or two players, it was any opposing player. Now, I checked the roster to see how my connection looked, and the bar next to my name was full every time. Did I get unlucky and matched with 2 lobbies of players geographically really far from me, or are these symptoms of something up with my connection? Is there a better way to see connection statuses in-game? I play on a wired connection, and have never seen anything like this.
#Help #Networking

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