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8/13/2019 2:54:59 PM


Tired of random LFG groups that don't turn into friends you regularly game with? Tired of clans dying out on you? Well, Transient and Defiance are home to the LFG groups that are also your friends! [u]We don't say "Friends Conquer Here" for nothing.[/u] Someone might lowkey fight you if you use @everyone in our discord server, but they will still love you just the same... at least for the most part ;) We're looking for lovely folk to bolster our second clan's (Defiance) roster! You'll get a lot of perks, such as merged clan chat on discord and access to our FULL clan (Transient) members. LFG channels, raid sherpas, opportunity to become a sherpa just as much a sherpee! People to grind Solstice with, to grind power level with, and so much more!! But you're probably asking - "what is more?" Let me answer that! We host community nights - sometimes it's Private Crucible Matches, or Maybe drunken raid nights, or even private gambit matches. We like to change it up, but what stays consistent is the alcohol (drinking is optional and of course, based on whether it's legal :P) You also get access to a family of 4 partnered clans that reside on our server, and also span all time zones! So there's never a lonely moment, but also never so many people that you feel like you're drowning in a sea of discord messages. We teach raids, we do progression teams, we make bad jokes and some good ones (are they really good though?). We send dumb memes, dank memes, stupid memes, and way too many emojis. We argue about pineapples on pizza, we are serious about Peaches and making sure they have no context in a conversation... and we really want to be your friend - even when you rage quit. [b]We support Destiny 2 as well as Division 2, and smaller games in our discord.[/b] Anyway! We're here to drop some cute little shark emotes into chat channels. [b]Whether you're looking for a place to hang out and meet people, or a clan too, we have both. [/b] [u]So you want to join our happy family.[/u] Hop onto our discord server, follow the steps in our #read-me channel to get server access (we don't like pr0n bots that just come in and do whatever they please), then message me! (Catscura) I'll hook you up with your new home, introduce you to the clans in our private merged clan channel, and release you to the world of the friendliest LFG on discord. <3 We're happy to have you! [b]Want to Partner your clan with us?[/b] Hop on our server and message me! (Catscura)

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